Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I saw this video today:

Taylor Swift is clearly a very talented young lady and both K3 and K4 like her music (OK, OK, I do too!) but this song just struck me.

I was talking to my Dad today who called to wish me a happy mother's day and to say he understood it must be a bittersweet day, knowing how much I miss my own mother. He's right - I DO miss her. Every day.

This song (and video) though reminded me how my mother really built a great foundation for me and that I have so many wonderful memories to call upon when I get sad.

I'll never stop missing her. This is a fact but I can remember all the "best days" she shared with me and how all she did for me made me able to be the mother I am today.

I love you Mema. Happy Mother's Day!

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