Thursday, October 30, 2008

He's OK

I am full of joy tonite. A pepeated topic this week. My boy (K3) is OK. But today was big (and little) in a few ways.

I got a call around 12:30 at work today from K1, "I have to leave work right now to take K3 to the emergency room"


The school nurse called and he was "CUT" at school.


And WHY were you called instead of me (not that he isn't fully capable of handling ANY emergency but for CHRIST'S SAKE, I am the emergency contact on every piece of paper ever filled in for this child)?

Well...the school nurse called and said he wanted ME to pick him up to take im to the hospital.


So...later...much later and several phone calls later...I learn that a classmate inadvertantly cut him with a pair of scissors (did any pair of scissors YOU ever used in middle school ever cut ANYTHING?!) and he has a cut on his hand that probably requires stitches...

OK...a few calls more and it's not stiches but glue he needs and I'm feeling better. Kind of. I'm still wondering WHY he wanted to call his Dad and not me to take care of him. I found out tonight - thankfully with a nice bottle of wine - that he was worried about ME. He did not want ME to be upset. He did not want to see me CRY.


I AM an emotional mother, there's no doubt of that. And my boy is growing into a wonderfully responsible and thoughtful young man. BUT I AM HIS MOTHER and I SHOULD TAKE CARE OF HIM. ANd I don't want him to worry that I am not able to take care of emergencies without tears.

I feel like I need a good cry...he's growing up. Very nicely, thank you.


Mama Goose said...

Oh sweetie...You are an amazing mother and have the most incredible children. I'm so glad he's ok and yes, he IS growing up very nicely. xoxox

melissa said...

Are you kidding? I'm crying right now. Poor him and you. What a wonderful young man your growing! Keep up the great work. Just think of what a kind caring husband he'll be someday. Someday a long long time from now....