Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I had to drag my fanny the past two days because I really procrastinated this week. I've made a fitness challenge with my beloved sista (Mama Goose) to exercise at least 20 minutes three time a week between now and Thanksgiving. Each of us would like to loose some weight since we're getting together with the FAMILY for the holiday, which is alsways a great incentive.

Unfortunately I really dragged my feet this week and therefore had to drag my @$$ this weekend to get my three days in. But I did. I've learned my lesson and also learned that what I try to teach my kids (K3, the sixth grader notified me on Friday of some "special" supplies he needed for a science project that is due on Monday - yeah, THIS Monday!) I must model myself.

Sigh...for some of us the lessons have to be learned, and learned, and re-learned. What's up with that?

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Mama Goose said...

But you did it! Yay you!!

reminder: get and send a card for G tomorrow. ; )