Thursday, October 9, 2008

I could cry

I am so so sad on several levels tonite...just heard my sweet nephew (gosling) is in hospital with double pneumonia! Poor little bug and his Mama to boot. I can not imagine anything worse than to have your child at the mercy of the medicines and machines and the mysteries of today's hopitals. I can imagine the fear that may be cycling through them tonight in a bed that is neither familiar nor comfortable, a room that is cold and noisy. I pray that the Drs and Nurses are knowledgeable and caring and that God is looking over their shoulders and guiding their decisions and their hands. Get better soon little gosling.

I'm also sad because tonight I had the extreme displeasure (can I turn this in to a positive experience? - Dear God, I'm trying) of helping K3 with yet another "long term project" whose deadline is tomorrow...Dear Lord help me find a way to help this child when he needs it, when, despite all urging, he needs to do the project at the last minute. I kep telling myself that sixth graders are not born with excellent or even adequate time or project management skills and that for (probably) years to come we will be faced with the debts of a procrastinator.

I wish I could close the gap between the skills I have learned and those he needs. I wish I could be and feel more helpful, even in the face of his ranting "YOU'RE NOT HELPING ME!!!" (translation: "why won't you just tell me what to write?"). I wish we could find a common language to help each other in these homework crisis situations.

Any and all advice from the world is welcome.

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